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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Characters That Grow On Me

I've noticed an interesting trend in my writing lately. My s.o. would say that the biggest strength of my writing is my ability to create characters that feel like real people. Well, apparently, I feel the need to make both the good characters and the good characters real.

I always seem to have one character that I don't like, when I write them. In The Barn Dance, it was Cal. In Misbegotten Gaines, it was Paul. In Airship Seduction, it was Raul (until the last part of the book, anyway). Now, within the next two months, the sequels to these books will either come out or be completed. And who are the heroes of these books? The Barn Dance sequel is called The Barn-Raising and the hero is.... CAL. Yup. Gaines & Losses will hopefully be out from Decadent in the new year. That has Paul for a hero. And I'm almost finished with Raul's story.

What's the most interesting to me is that I've gotten so used to these characters, I forgot what it was first like when I met them. I really didn't like them. I've written about it in several places. In fact, I disliked Raul so much, I initially cut the chapters where he first appeared and tried to write him out of the book. But no. Now, he's the hero. And as I'm writing his book, I'm crying, he loves his heroine so much. And I love him.

But I remember the hate. I don't want to lose that. I like multidimensional characters. So as I start a new project (yes, eek!), I'm trying to find that character that rubs me the wrong way and really dig into them. It'll be an interesting journey, but I'm on it.

What about you? Do you have any characters that make you want to choke them? Or at least smack them? Have you ever hated a character initially and grown to love them?


  1. I love this! I so get it and agree... so excited for all your releases.



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